How to Keep the Sales Momentum Going

Stop Your Prospects from Disappearing Into the Black Hole

Webinar: How to Keep the Sales Momentum Going

In today’s crazy-busy world, capturing and keeping your prospect's attention requires Herculean efforts. One day a prospect states their desire to change, the next day they disapppear into a black hole.

In this 39 minute pre-recorded webinar with Jill Konrath, you'll discover how to:

  • Get noticed by more hot prospects by creating content that identifies your company as an industry thought-leader.
  • Quickly advance the sales process by creating campaigns that pique your prospect’s curiosity and engages them in provocative conversations.
  • Build rapport by repurposing existing content to nurture prospects and customers over time.

Stop your opportunities from getting delayed, derailed, dismissed, or deleted. Watch the webinar today to learn how to keep your prospects in the game!

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